Fake blue badge holders in court.

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Fake blue badge holders in court.

Post  teamplayer2 on Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:43 pm

I see some people were in the media for using Blue Badges who should not have them or used them and not for the person intended.

One I saw in the media was a Financial adviser who owned a million pound house in London and quite well off and was using it for their own use to do their own business in Manchester. The person intended for the blue badge was not with them. It does say the holder of the blue badge should be with them but it was found out the person using the blue badge was using it for their own purpose to avoid parking charges. This was said in court by the guilty person.

Another was a garage manager who was on £89,000 a year and had used it for his own use. The person who was the holder of the blue badge had been dead for the last six months and the manager decided he would use it for his own purpose. He admitted this in court.

I am glad they were caught. Yet I was told by someone that a relative of theirs is disabled and has great difficulty in walking but had their blue disabled badge taken off them without any explanation. Though they got the blue badge back after an appeal and rightly so. Yet no proper explanation why the blue badge was taken off them.

There was going to be a clampdown on people who are holding a blue badge who should not have them and also finding out who has fake blue badges but it seems again they are hitting the wrong people in some cases.

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