Balderstone Hall

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Balderstone Hall

Post  teamplayer2 on Sun Jun 16, 2013 2:32 pm

I went along on Saturday to have a look at the dig in Balderstone Park at the remains of the old hall. I was amazed to see where they had dug into the old cellar a fire place that looked as though it had been put in looking almost new when they were cleaning it up. Even though it had been in the ground all these years. The tiles around the old fire place looked as though they could be carefully removed and used again in another home.

The archaeology was fantastic and a nice collection of finds. The old hall has been dug up a few times but each dig turns up something new on what has been missed before.

Did anyone else went to have a look. I think it is being covered up again on Monday so may be many years before it is uncovered again.
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