Oh. I get it.

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Re: Oh. I get it.

Post  Chill37 on Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:14 pm

Just to clarify by my terms of 'helping out' . I am a Global Moderator on a leading forum.  I will be more than happy to PM you the details and evidence.  I help out also by organising AGMs and an awards ceremony.  I also heavily contribute to the forum by postings of my experience to the subject field the forum covers, which in turn brings more members in the subject field to the forum. Its my job as a Global Moderator to promote, guide and assist both new and old members to the subject.

Plus as you can gather I help prevent trolls , falling outs and help overcome disagreements as we are very much a family orientated forum helping promote hobbies.Along with keeping subjects on track- hijacking.  But at the same time helping to promote subject matter that posters put up.  So quite a juggling act.  But the forum owners (s) clearly think I am doing a great job considering I am still bestowed with Global Moderator status.  Hope that clarifies your concerns as to how I 'help out' promoting the subject field and getting people to join forum. Also passing comments on subject matter, learning and passing on knowledge as well.

Hopefully that what you post on this forum (and maybe othrs) isn't it? Or maybe I am just being optimistic.Very Happy 

As for tax avoidance  let me reassure you I have very strong views to wards tax avoidance.  However the G20 is a global issue, and at this moment in time I am more interested in more personal matters at home and how the antics in RMBC affect me. Such as the reckless spending plans of RMBC and Cllr Lambert on Rochdale East Shopping /Pound Shop development.

As I clearly said every subject matter is important to the OP, but it to me it does not promote any interest in me to warrent a response.  But that does not mean I am not worried.  Of course I am concerned UK will go down the tubes like Greece as per your wordings.  But please do not jump to conclusions that just because I don't spout Politics at any given point on every single thread doesn't mean I do not care.

Its all a case of priorities.  Maybe I would like 'fun' threads or more jovial instead of logging on and seeing the usual predictable mud slinging , depressing point scoring Political spin-doctoring.  Thats what happened on RO and it took a toll on posts and people posting.

Officer of the Watch
Officer of the Watch

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Re: Oh. I get it.

Post  Atlas on Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:35 am

You are obviously far more into 'forums' than am I. This is the only forum I post to or (other than perhaps a WW2 forum) that I would be interested in. My knowledge of Rochdale as 'present' has to come from these pages and what you and others post. My comments - from a 'stand-back and formulate' position rather than 'on the spot' and are thus guided by the arguments and 'facts' put forward.
As for G20 being 'global (ref another post) - yes it is. But then so is religion and politics and abortion and others. If there was sufficient 'items' regarding the town itself on here then I would be delighted to enter into them but, as we see at present, there aren't and therefore, to keep the ball rolling as I want the forum to be successful, I 'try' to promote other items that just 'may' interest others.
Jovial and fun threads - yes - but again as I limit my time on the computer (usually in the wee small hours) I would probably scan over them rather than get involved. Although Jeannie and I have kept the 'jokes' threads going just recently;) 
We shall just have to see how it goes. Hopefully this present malaise is just a temporary 'lull'.Smile 
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