The NHS: What's really going on?

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The NHS: What's really going on?

Post  Hinch on Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:54 am

its really hard to understand what's really going on in today's NHS. Are Clinical Commissioning Groups a good thing? Can privatisation really help to provide a better service? Are patients getting a better deal? How are contracts worth up to £800M awarded and scrutinised?

Last night on Radio 4's 'File On Four' programme, these issues were explored and explained in a real simple, easy to follow format. I urge you to listen to it on BBC iPlayer. One of the best programmes I have ever heard. It really explains it all simply with great interviews with GPs, patients and the companies involved.

I worked for thirty-odd years in the service and thought I had a fairly good understanding but even I was shocked.

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