Happy Holidays?

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Happy Holidays?

Post  cyfrifia on Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:27 pm

The Foreign Office has updated it's advice to those thinking of travelling abroad,
Almost every country you might once have thought of for a holiday now has some level of warning on it, starting with Calais, where a lot of migrants refuse to apply for asylum in France, but are desperate to get to the UK.

The lady Mayor of Calais talked over the problem with UK politicians recently,
explaining that the migrant population at Calais "has changed now, it's much more violent, and they are harassing the people of Calais, there are a lot of mafia and traffikers."

UK Foreign Office advice for UK citizens travelling through Calais is to keep vehicle doors locked in slow moving traffic, and that once you get into France, there is a high level threat from terrorism and attacks could be indiscriminate.

Greece doesn't look too bad with a general warning of strikes, disruption, terrorism and political violence.

Turkey a bit more problematic, advice against visiting large areas of the country at all, otherwise remain vigilant and avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place.

Further afield, low threat of terrorism in Mexico but take particular care to avoid being caught up in drug related violence between criminal groups

The world doesn't seem to be getting any easier, would a winter holiday at Skegness be more relaxing, Bridlington perhaps? Just as well we can't afford foreign holidays, they seem to be going out of fashion anyway.

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Re: Happy Holidays?

Post  Atlas on Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:15 am

Wales this summer then is it?

Er - perhaps best avoid entering via the Severn Bridge. You might need to take out a mortgage first.
And - er - If coming the other way best learn a few words of Welsh to fool the natives - otherwise you might get ripped off with the new taxes. (There aren't any - but beware the smooth talk).
Bring a 'mac'.
Fill up with petrol at city pumps only.
Avoid areas of high concentration of holidaymakers. Costs an absolute bomb.
Come out of season or pay for one cottage and bring three families and a load of camp beds.
Avoid any 'Pay to Play'.
Otherwise - have a good time and keep smiling.
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