A house bedecked with flags.

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A house bedecked with flags.

Post  cyfrifia on Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:55 am

Interesting and odd how the photo of a house bedecked with England flags and a van parked outside, with no comment apart from 'image from Rochester', has caused such a response of either horrendous outrage, or puzzlement, and to the sacking of a minister.

Similar images have previously been used in films and tv, usually of a northerner in a terraced house in derelict area, with flags on show, to evoke some kind of danger or evil.

For the northerner, or Rochestarian, to be seen as evil, ignorant or somehow malicious seems deeply unfair. Rochester is not in the north, but is at a distance from London, and to the politicians of London, perhaps represents the 'other', the England they have created, but do not like or understand.

What response would a photo of a larger and grander house with gardens, and England flags flying on flagpoles have caused, something rather different perhaps?

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Re: A house bedecked with flags.

Post  Atlas on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:54 am

Indeed. The image could have said - I love England had there been a English football match in the offing. It could have said - Ey Up. St Georges Day isn't for a few more months yet - or - Opps. Forgot to take them down last April. Or it could simply be - I love my country or at least the middle part of it.

So. It entirely depends on what you construe it to mean. If the man was a huge UKIP supporter and wanted to display such by being ultra-patriotic then who should say otherwise?

But no. It was taken by those self-righteous, politically correct, bright true-blue bumpkins as an ideal opportunity to do harm to somebody (regardless of whom) in a pathetic bid to gain some sympathy for their ideals and slant the democratic voting more in their favour. It failed. As do most crass, negative filibustering attempts to gain favour by disreputable means. As for the lady and picture in question she has as yet to explain what her comment meant - which is quite within her personal democratic means. As for her so called 'Leader'. I despair. Brains of peas some people.Sad
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