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Post  Atlas on Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:46 pm

Come come johnb the world has moved on since the 20th century. Grand Alliances and Super States died off in the 1960's. Since then the move has been towards small cultural states as being the most manageable and most satisfactory way of keeping people comfortable - and consequently peaceful. The wars since the Second World War have been for independence from the large State and self governance. Only in Europe did someone (with the best of intentions) decide that Hitler's vision of a European Powerhouse would be the best way of keeping things calm. Unfortunately it was at a variance with the way the world was going. The idea of a Common Market would have worked and still could. Trade only. But the minute you add politics and compliances destroys the whole ethos of a trading bloc. The EU will collapse. Not because the idea of people living and working together isn't a good idea but because people (being people) have their own individual cultures and ideas by which they want to continue without dictate or interference from others of a different culture. The worst idea was trying to amalgamate the monetary/fiscal differences and trying to pretend these could be brought into line with each other through political pressures. Greece was the beginning and was treated in opposition with the EU rules of fiscal compliance. By doing so they (the EU) shot themselves in the foot which allowed other countries to 'break' the rules as a consequence. Believe me when I say 'it cannot continue' and will ultimately topple within the next few years.Sad Sad Sad
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